Restrained to this world

Isaiah 42:6-7 I the Lord have called thee into righteousness, and will hold thine hand, and keep thee, and give thee a covenant of the people, for a light to the gentiles; 7 to open the blind eyes to bring out the prisoners from the prison, and them that sit in darkness out of the prison house.

Yes this is powerful scripture where God is telling Isaiah that Jesus will be a light unto the gentiles. But why does he repeat prison? I have always wondered this. 1. 1st prison means Masger a locksmith or dungeon. 2. 2nd prison means Kele a confinement or restraints.

With English we do not get the full story. He came to break chains to pull the restraints that tie us to this world. Kele means confinement we confine ourselves in our own boxes. By the words we say or labels the world puts on us. Oh your an addict? Once an addict always an addict. Oh you abused your wife 10 years ago.. ABUSER!! Once a cheat always a cheat.

Jesus came to free us from these restrainments that tie us to the world. Our past our cravings, some family and friends. There are things that pull us back to sin of this world. People places things is what we have to change or he will for us.

What is it? Do you stay offended? Do you live in shame? What is that hidden sin? Do you have bitterness toward a brother or sister in Christ? Jesus said But if you don’t forgive others, your Father will not forgive your offenses (Matthew 6:15). The hidden sin is not on your phone it is in your heart. The woman at the well said to the people “come and see which he told me all the things I ever did.” It’s not hidden sin though we try Jesus knows all. We must repent turn away and flee from it.

Do we struggle with the labels of this world has placed on you? You have been washed with the blood of the lamb. Washed white as snow and the sins of the past thrown as far as the east from the west. No matter what people call you or claim you to be. 2 Cor. 5:17 say anyway be in Christ, he is a new creature. Old things have passed away. LOOK SEE all things have become new. New heart new life new steps new outlook it is all new.

I am Back

So 2018 was hard and flowed into 2019. So the past 2 years have been rough on my family and I. Won’t get into it this time but it is coming. I know that the Lord God has bestowed this sight to me for a reason. As I start the journey of trying to stay in Gods will and lead, this will be an outlet for me. I might not get one posted every week, but I will try and post a couple times a month.

This video is about my conversion into truly believing in Christ. I am here to help reach out if you need it. Praise Him in the Storms and Praise him when its forced and Praise Him when you Glorify Him.

Thy Kingdom come?

My question is this .. Is the Kingdom of God a future reality to be hoped for or a present reality to experience now? And is how we live and breathe a product of that belief? So as we dig into this I hope to grow your faith. To allow your eyes to see possibilities, and have even more have faith to believe.

Yes we have blessings here and now, and some blessings are waiting for us in Heaven. We do have some Kingdom powers available to us now, but some powers promised to us will have to wait till Heaven. And sadly the curse of old which some we can overcome but ultimately will be defeated when we are in Heaven. Yes, satan was defeated, sin was defeated, and death was defeated. All of this was defeated by the Atonement of Christ Jesus our savior the His resurrection. Romans 8:32 “He did not even spare his own Son but offered him up for us all. How will he not also with him grant us everything? You see he promises us that when we are in his will he will grant us anything.

Now if we can get a handle on the presence and future of the Kingdom of God, it will add or increase our faith. Strengthen our relationship with Christ, maybe even perform signs. But it definitely give us the power to suffer at the cross of grief and pain. Col. 1:11 Being strengthened with all power according to His glorious might, for all endurance and patience with joy. And trust me after the year my wife and I have had I am able to attest to the power God granted me during the most trying times of my life.

Let us look at Luke 17:20-21 Being asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God would come, he answered them, “The kingdom of God is not coming with something observable; no one will say, ‘See here! ’ or ‘There! ’ For you see, the kingdom of God is in your midst”.

You see when we look at verse 21 what is Jesus claiming? He is trying to clear up the massive misunderstanding of the return of the Messiah. You in that time the Israelites believe that the Messiah would come in and overthrow Rome. That the people of God would finally be vindicated and the physical kingdom set up.

So here Christ is saying the Kingdom is among them. He Christ the ruler of our Kingdom was in their midst. But yet the prophecy of the old testament mostly spoke of him coming in this triumphant grandeur entrance to rule them and all the World. That we would place all their enemies under his foot. So this creates what Jesus calls the mystery of the Gospel or mystery of the Kingdom.

1st Cor. 4:1 the apostle Paul says “a person should think of us in this way as servants of Christ and managers of the mysteries of God.

Col. 1:26 “The mystery hidden for ages and generations but now revealed to his saints.

Ephesians 3:3 Paul says “the mystery was made known to me by revelation.

So the mystery was the fact that he was there, and he would leave and then come back which is the 2nd coming. He explains this in a parable in Luke 19:11 in the parable of the 10 minas. Here Jesus Christ explains how he had to come but leave to gain the authority to be King. But everyone hated him and he would return to see how his servants had done.

Jesus was here left and now he is coming back. So right now where we sit reading this, is the Kingdom of God with us. If Christ told the Pharisees that the Kingdom was in their midst because he was standing with them. Then if he is in us wouldn’t that make the Kingdom in our midst as well? Well let’s look at what Jesus Christ had to say about this mystery then we can decide.

Starting in Matthew 13 Jesus begins to give several parables describing the Kingdom. So for time sake I will just give the scripture then what in means to me.

Matthew 13 1-9 the parable of the sower. Now there are 4 things that happens when sowing seeds. 1. Satan can snatch it 2. Heat from trouble will burn it up 3. It will get tangled and lost in the cares of the world. 4. Good soil produces good fruit. what is sad about this is we only win a 1/4 of the time. Those are not the odds of a betting man but by the glory of God aI am no longer a betting man.

Matthew 13 24-30 The parable of the wheat. This one is kinda scary because this one is focused on the Church. Weeds grow with the Wheat and you can tell sometimes which is which. So a wake up to the church watch how you are following. Just because the read a bible and go to church does not mean they are Christian. People get lost in religion just as much as people get lost in the world.. IT’S TIME TO WAKE UP!!

Matthew 13 The parable of the mustard seed. Again he is speaking of the church. WOW what a mustard seed can do. 1 teacher and 12 students 2000 years ago had faith and believed so much they died for it. And look where the Body of Christ is now. It amazes me what a little faith of a mustard seed can truly do.

You see as he taught about the Kingdom they were in the midst of the Kingdom. Our God Reigns Isaiah 52:7 How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of the herald who proclaims peace, who brings news of good things, who proclaims salvation, who says to Zion “YOUR GOD REIGNS”. And he does reign on earth as it is in Heaven. He sits at the right hand of the Father. John Piper said it best “The kingdom is present yet future. It is fulfilled but not consummated.”

We are in his presence we are in his Kingdom… I think we should start acting like it.

God Bless Grace of the King

One Night Stand

When my beautiful wife and I first met we both were about as far from God as most people can get. So we often joke about how what we thought would be a one night stand God turn into a pregnancy and 14 years of marriage. And over the last 14 years we have learned so much about each other and still everyday learn more and more. We know the intricate details about each other. She knows the dirty little secrets and the demons I fight daily. She knows more about me than anyone else I have ever met. And I in turn know her demons she battles, strong points and probably (hopefully) more than anyone else on this earth. We confide in each other cry to each other and even yell at each other. But we always love each other and do our best to lift each other up.

When we look at God and we take inventory of our relationship with him how is it?. Was it a drive by prayer to get out of trouble then back to the world? Are you using God as your one night stand when you can’t find a better way?

First check point is prayer life. I admitted the other night to my church that I have been struggling in my prayer life. So I am preaching to myself here. Are we praying like we should with respect and clear heart to the creator? Or are we mailing in our prayers?

James 5:16b The prayer of a righteous person is very powerful in its effect. So let’s search our hearts ask for repentance get on our knees and boldly seek Gods face.

2nd checkpoint is the sin in our lives.. we must confess and ask for repentance. Look back at the verse the prayer of a righteous person. Not a sinful person. That is righteous in the eyes of God not man. Let’s clear up all that hidden sin. Lets get it out in the open. Let’s lay it at the feet of Christ. That is why he died for you. That is why he was beaten and spit on and hung on the Cross. So that you would not perish due to the sins you committed against God.

3rd check is your heart.

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God. Matthew 5:8..

Jesus is not a genie in the bottle he is not going to give you whatever your heart desires. Unless your heart is in line with his. He does not want a drive by one night stand kind of relationship/prayer life. He wants a true deep connection with you. If he was wanting a surface level prayer life and relationship with you do you really believe that he would have gone the the punishment he did for that kind of relationship? Do you believe he suffered staked to a tree for you to have a one night stand I only need ya when I’m in trouble kind of prayer? Let’s get real here. He suffered and died a horrible extremely painful unimaginable death. Not just to rescue you from a situation but to rescue you from eternal damnation. He went through that horrible death to give you life and freedom. And we have a privilege to pray all the time to Him that died for all our sins. That is our life line to the Father and creator. The one that gives you breath. The one that made the stars and moon. The one that formed you in your mother’s womb. Let’s dig deep let’s all become bareans. We need to know Him and pray to him not just use Him for a one night stand.

Finding Grace

For all of you guys to get to know me, I feel you need to know my walk.  None of us are born knowing the grace of God.  Some of us are born into the church where we learn of his grace from early on. Then there are some of us like me, which had no clue what the inside of church looked like as a kid.  We all have different walks some darker and harder than others. But no matter how dark or how easy someones walk is God’s grace is still the same to us all.

Growing up I lived a very privileged life.  I honestly learned how to ride a horse by myself before I learned how to walk.  You see my parents trained race horses, and no not the ones running in the Kentucky Derby.  But in the Mid 80’s my father was the best quarter horse trainer in the South West part of the U.S. My life was amazing growing up I had some amazing horses at my finger tips.  We moved about every 5 to 6 months, and because of that my sister and I really didn’t have any friends.  And when we did sometimes we where to trustworthy to earn those friends.

You know as a kid we all have our dreams of who we want to be. We lay out the path that we will walk to become that person. You see the only thing in life I knew was horses. I was a natural on horses. I could break a horse at 12 years old, and I was galloping horses when I was 11.  And I was going to be the best horse trainer and Jockey West of the Mississippi. And the summer before my 5th grade year my dreams and everything I knew was ripped out from underneath me in one night.

My parents overnight decided to quite training racehorses and we left Orange County California and came back home to Texas. From that point on I felt like I was lost, and felt confused on who I was and what I wanted to be.  The fact was I could never get back in the horse business without my dad. Even though I tried it a couple of times later on in life.  So that really started what I would call my downfall.  You see my downfall was very slow methodical, so it didn’t happen over night.

So lets speed through some of the boring stuff in life and lets hit the high notes so to say.  I started smoking in 6th grade got drunk for the first time summer before 9th grade. Through out high school I was a chameleon, and always changing who I was hanging out with. One day I would hang out with the jocks and the next with the druggies. By my sophomore year I can say I was an alcoholic and allergic to weed. I remember once me and some of my friends were at a local small town carnival. We walked past my uncle who just so happen to be a southern Baptist preacher.  I had found out later he told my parents that I was messed up on drugs.  At that point I pretty much was clean and he was only foreshadowing what was to come in my life.

You see high school was tough for me. I was only 4’9 and 63 lbs my freshman year and never really grew. When I finally graduated and still to this day I don’t know how I was only 5’1 and barely 90lbs. And for a guy that size is not a good thing.  It is not normal to be told if I was a girl I would have the sexiest legs.  It is just not normal and when I finally graduated I got away from everyone I associated with in High School.  So at 18 years old I went back to my roots, well somewhat.

When I started riding bulls I felt at home, and it was the first time I felt like me. I was actually pretty good at it to. And those that know anything about it I did have one massive downfall when it comes to riding bulls. I didn’t want to let go.  And I was living to lifestyle of a bull rider and had become a massive alcoholic but still drug free. And one night that future was stripped out from under me. Some friends and I stopped at a friends to ride some new bull he got with no clown. My friend got hung up and I went out to save him and do not remember anything else.  From what the tape shows the bull stepped on my face and I never got on another one.

Once again I was lost and confused and a “friend” invited me to a club in Dallas and introduced me to ecstasy and that started my downfall full steam ahead.  I went from ecstasy to meth to crack. And the next two years was filled with drugs and sex and lies.  I was so heavy into the drugs I missed my sister graduate college. I left people and friends behind.  And is it something I will struggle with the rest of my life.  My mother walked into my apartment one day yanked me up by the ear and took me home.  And that started my walk of getting clean.

A couple of years later I met the woman who would become my wife and mother of my kids.  As her and I grew closer my struggle with drugs got tougher.  And one night after I came home after a binge and looked at my two daughters she looked and me and said ” you either get some help or we are gone”.  Over the next few weeks I was in and out of groups not finding the help I needed. Then I found The Finish Line lead by an amazing man named Todd.  On a Thursday night in October Todd led me to Christ, and I went 7 years without a relapse.

My next relapse was the worst by far.  I remember seeing the demons playing with the people I was around.  And next thing I know I was running from something, and I didn’t know what. As I came to I was behind a dumpster with no keys to my truck, no wallet, no phone, and no telling where my truck was.  I remember crying out to God to kill me.. Just kill me please I screamed… Over and Over again.. And clear as day Christ himself said “I am not done with you yet.”

I worked my way to the front of an abandon gas station and started crying for hours. An Angel showed up with a phone and I made the call to my wife. This is where the love of Christ showed through her.  And through this time I realized you can not live one foot in the world and one foot in the light.  So I quit drinking and gave everything to God.  And started to see a therapist. Cause in order to fight demons you need to know what the demon is you are fighting.

Mine was multiple things that I had to deal with.  Remember when I said that as a kid I was almost to trust worthy.  Well the biggest demon I had to fight was the one I filed away in the deepest darkest part of my mind.  You see when I was in 3rd grade I was molested over about a 3 to 4 month period.  On top of that I had issues with my appearance. I was extremely skinny at 5’10 I was only 120 lbs.  You see God makes us the way he wants to make us. He lets us go through things to help mold us into the person he wants us to be.

You see since I have realized the demons and turned everything over to God, he has wrecked my life.  I am stronger, I am more loving, I am becoming the person He wants me to be.   I have the privilege of being a leader in our youth group at my church, and leader for some amazing local missions that we focus on.  And lately I have helped a friend start a new mission focusing on men and the walls that we have to break down.

But I have to say that being the father and seeing God work miracles in my marriage. Some of things I have done to my wife and my kids would end a marriage in a heart beat.  But with a Christ centered marriage it can take anything.  And you know the day I gave my life to Christ I never craved the drugs again.  And I haven’t but I have to battle my past daily. I have to forgive myself daily.  One of the biggest issues I had was not forgiving myself.  But when we think about it if God can forgive us why can’t we? Are we better than God? Or if we don’t forgive ourselves but God does, doesn’t that make us  hypercritical.

Your Walk?

Foot steps

Let’s speak about our walk, what we are called for and check our egos and pride at the door. How we stay in tuned with the Holy Spirit, and how we can keep the peace and unity with the Spirit of God.

Ephesians 4: 1 thru 3

Therefore I, the prisoner of the Lord, urge you to live worthy of the calling you have received. With all humility, gentleness, and patience bearing in one another in love, making every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of Peace.

Now there is more but I want to focus on these three versus. So, let’s start with verse one. Therefore I, the prisoner of the Lord, urge you to live worthy of the calling you have received. So, to start off right there if you are saying God has not given you a calling then you are wrong. God has called us all to do something, the question is did you hear it? But if you did hear it then are you walking according to what he called you to do? Now here I want to take Church out because we act righteous while we are at church and church functions. When you walk into your job are you still walking according to the calling that God has laid on your life? Look I understand it is hard to stretch ourselves in the real world. But if Christ can stretch out his arms on a Cross for you don’t you think you could ask the person next to you at work if they believe in Christ? We must stretch out of our comfort zone. When we look at Ephs. 4:11 the apostle Paul lays out some of the things that God has called us to and one that God has called everyone to do. He says “And he himself gave some to be apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, some pastors, and teachers, equipping the saints for the work of the ministry. Everyone is called for the work of the ministry. I mean Jesus himself said in the Great Commission Matthew 28 : 19 Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and the son, and Holy Ghost. Look we are all called to spread God’s salvation for man, but are we really doing it? Let’s remember the amazing love that Jesus poured out on that Cross at Calvary. Could be as simple as when someone asks what are you doing this weekend and your answer is going to Church. But let’s make sure that every aspect of our walk is showing who Christ is.

You see verse two says how we should be walking “With all humility, gentleness, and patience bearing in one another in love. What? Shoot I believe I could stop right, there right? Does that not convict every single one of us? Are we all truly walking in humility? I mean shoot I want this message to go viral. I want thousand upon thousand to see this blog. How truly humble is that? And gentleness… wow I am going to preach to myself here a second. Gentleness what man in today’s society is gentle? And if he is, then is he labelled a man at all? Now so that everyone knows I am one man in a house with 4 of the most beautiful women in the world. But oh my gosh the crying that goes on in the house has become nails on chalkboard to me. Now you get 4 women in one spot and the estrogen levels get extremely high. The other day literally one of them was crying because her ice cream was melting. This is an everyday event in my life. But because I have become cynical to the crying I am not showing any gentleness when there really needs to be gentleness. When one starts crying because she doesn’t get what she wants. I get onto her that instead of looking that she is heart broke because she can’t stay with Grandma. So how often have we become cynical to the world and instead of putting out a dollar to the beggar we roll up our windows because we “think” he is going to go buy drugs. Maybe he is doing it so his homeless girlfriend doesn’t have to be on the corner. Again, are we truly showing gentleness which leads to the love. John 14:15 “if you love me you will obey my commands”. Do we truly love Jesus Christ? Need I say more? Your automatic response was yes, I love Jesus. Shoot I am in church every time the door is open. I volunteer! I take blankets to the homeless! Man, what are you saying I would give the shirt off my back to someone if they needed it. But I am asking you, do you really really deeply LOVE JESUS CHRIST? But this time pause 10 seconds and then answer. And I will wait.

I know I can look at areas in my life that show where I don’t love Jesus. I was talking with a girl at work the other day when she was telling me about how she quit going to church because of all the gossip. And then proceeded to say how it was a dying church, and she hasn’t been back since she was a senior in high school but she is 30 now. I told her she needed to get back in church. Find one close to her that she likes. That was so wrong. I wanted to tell her that Christ loves her no matter but she put her faith in the people around her and not in Christ. So, I know with me when it comes to professing the gospel and the love of Christ I show areas of weakness. In my home showing gentleness is an area of weakness.

You see because all this we must do to put forth every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bonds of Peace. Wow which way do I go Lord? This verse speaks so strongly I have tears trying to write this. It is up to us to keep unity of the spirit in us. Now I am going to try not to get all theological here. But God was one and split himself into 3. God the Father, God the Son Jesus Christ, and God the spirt the Holy Ghost. So, let’s picture that unity and immolate it in our lives. Your body works as one, one mind, one flesh, one heart right now that is true unity. All separate things working simultaneously as one unit. That is what is asked of us with the Spirit. He is in us and all we need is peace to keep that unity. But look at the verse again, because it says through the BONDS of peace. The Greek word here is syndesmo which means an immovable joint in which two bones are joined. So, we have peace in us and instead of allowing it to be, we fight against it. We don’t allow it to take over our lives. You see that bond is Jesus Christ. The day he died on the cross for our sins mine and yours he became that bond. As verse 6 later tells us that there is one God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all and in all. The disobedience of the word of God is like a knife cutting at our ligaments that attach us to God. But Jesus Christ is the doctor to heal all those cuts. I know what the cuts of sin can do to us. I should be dead in a ditch. But the love of Christ showed up and saved me. Because of him I am no longer an addict but a Child of God. There is healing available for you, and His name is Jesus Christ. If you don’t know him I can help introduce you. And if you do know him then my suggestion is to get on your knees and get right with him. And start living life according to your calling.



Get out of Hell free Card?

Get out of hell free2

Romans 10 9-10 If you confess with your mouth “Jesus is Lord” and believe in your heart that God Raised him from the dead you will be saved.”  One believes with the heart resulting in righteousness, and one confess’s with the mouth resulting in Salvation.

Someone told you this verse or maybe another, then proceeded to tell you that if you accept Jesus Christ as your savior you will have internal life with him and you will not aspen eternity in hell.  So you said the prayer and went on with your life. You even go to church, except when your football team plays at noon. Or if you didn’t tie one on too hard the night before.

Well I have news for you. Who ever told you that you were not going to hell lied to you. Because there is no such thing as a get out of hell free card.  You said that magical prayer but turned around the next weekend and went right back to what you were doing before you got saved. If nothing has changed in your heart, mind, or life you were not saved to begin with.  i am speaking this to you to plead to you to please repent. Because without repentance you have no salvation.

Isiah tells us in Isiah 55 6-7 Seek the Lord while he may be found, Call to him while he is near. Let the wicked one abandon his way and the sinful one his thoughts.  Let him return to the Lord. So he may have compassion on him and to our God, for he will freely Forgive.

We must repent which means to turn away or abandon what you are doing. I know this because i lived that for 7 years.  Get out of church rush home crack open the beer, and plop down in my recliner to watch my boys play. Oh yes I thought I was a Christian, at least I claimed I was.  Shoot I even read my bible while drank a beer, but hey at least I was reading my bible right?

Then one day God slapped me upside the head with a 2×4 and woke me up. I realized that I was the furthest thing from the Child of God that I claimed to be. Try saying that you are a Child of God. The word Christian is so used in today’s day and age its almost watered down. So you claim you are a Christian along with 85% of America today but do you claim to be a Child of God or do you at least act like you are a Child of God?

You see when we ask Christ to be in our lives and accept him as our LORD and SAVIOR it does come with a cost.  Now you will not hear that from Joel Osteen, or Benny Hinn, or any of those prosperity preachers.  But Jesus himself turned people away from him. Now picture Joel Osteen saying to his congregation what Jesus did in Luke 14 25-27.  So he turned to the great crowds and said. ” If anyone comes to me and does not hate his own father and mother, wife and children, brother and sisters, and yes even yourself and yes even himself.. He can not be my disciple. Whoever does not bare his own cross and come after me cannot be my disciple.”

So God keeps laying on my heart that this is the year for repentance.  And I am asking you to truly repent and turn to Christ as your Lord and Savior. Let him be Lord and ruler over your life.  But he wants all of you. He wants the good better, and the bad into greatness. But make sure you count the cost, and are willing to allow him to change you. If you are will to change, and want to change, you want the peace, the love, and the ability to spend eternity in heaven. I promise the Blood of Jesus Christ will transform you just as it did me. But are willing to give it all to him? I hope so because time is running out.

Grace of the King