Unstable as Water

Unstable as water, you shall not have preeminence.
Genesis 49:4 ESV

At this point Jacob is dying and telling his sons what their future will hold.  So as Rueben his first born defiled his fathers bed. Jacob calls him unstable as water. Because of his unstability he will not move forward. Even though he is strong. Even though he is his fathers air. Even though he is the oldest and most powerful. Ruben will forever be stuck where he is.

When I was in high-school I got a tattoo of a gecko. This tattoo signified for me my stature in high-school so to say. I was able to hangout with everyone. But it wasn’t just hangout it was that I could mold into the fabric of every group. The nerds, the jocks, the cowboys, the druggie’s. Was this a good thing? No not really because yes I got along with pretty much everyone, but I couldn’t find myself. I am sure you are saying that is not unstable. But in actuality it was the beginning  of the unstability that would stagnate my life.

We see every day how unstable the world around us is. The political climate is so volatile the very mention of certain names could cause a riot. The CDC doesn’t know which direction to go now days, and the administration is tumbling down a hill with no one stopping it. The mention of race or masks causes an uproar. The very climate we are in cries out unstable. Yes, it has calmed down from the riots. But just because you can hide the unstable state you are in doesn’t mean your not unstable.

There is no fixing the world around you if you yourself are unstable. The story of Rueben is dominated by his lusts for women. He was powerful in battle stronger than the other brothers. The moment he stepped by a beautiful women he could not control his lusts. So many men and women show their power by day with strong work ethic great jobs beautiful strong families yet at night on their phone or computer they are controlled by the lusts of their flesh. If over 80% of the men in church are addicted to porn no wonder the most visited website in the last 3 years is a pornsite.

For you are unstable as water.

This boils down to what God has called me out on. That I am at times unstable as water. Man when the vid first hit I was livid and adamant about not having to wear a mask. THATS MY FREEDOM YOUR TAKING AWAY! You put me in a political conversation and eww boy my blood would rise. Then put me in a conversation on abortion and it would boil. Place me in a sexual temptation and I would lose my mind. This has completely stopped my walk with Christ. I have been stagnate.

You see I am unstable because the situation dictates how I will react. How can I or any of us move into what God has paid for us to move into when we are as unstable as water. We let our emotions dictate our reaction. We allow the moment to control our lusts and greed and passions. We are the tempature instead of the thermostat.

Are we going to allow the tipping point of the climate around us to dictate our reactions? As long as we are unstable the world around us will be unstable. We must depend on Christ and Christ alone in every situation. He and He alone is in control and the political outcome is in His control. Your lusts and greed need to die at the cross. You are not a slave to sin but FREE IN CHRIST!

Become solid in your foundation and it will stop the water from overflowing. The living water is a steady stream of life, not a chaotic flood overwhelming you. When you control the things in you, your steps will be many.

Many blessings to all. Grace of the King

Author: Grace of the King

Recovered addict father and husband. Most say you can't recover from drugs and alcohol but you can with the blood of the Lamb.

One thought on “Unstable as Water”

  1. Thank you. This is an eye opener to areas in myself! Unstable as water. Never thought of water being unstable. As I thought about it and the ways water can be unstable I can see how the Father’s heart wanting to change me because He knows how crazy I can get sometimes. He started a good work in me, He will bring the unstable water in me to stability as I yield.

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