Light from Darkness

And God saw that the light was good. And God separated the light from the darkness. Genesis 1:4 ESV

In the beginning a new creation was formed. The very earth we step on was formed so we had a surface to walk. The oceans were formed and the air was clean and fresh. God himself walked with Adam and Eve. Why was is so perfect? Yes, God is perfect but we see in verse 4 that God separated the light out of the darkness. Can you image the chaos of the darkness as this world was forming. How ugly and violent the forming of something so beautiful was?

We must realize that before the chaos overtook our world God already removed the light out of the darkness. But we view this scripture completely backwards. We believe that God removes the darkness from the light. We see that Christ comes in our lives and and removes the stains of our sins. We believe that Christ comes into are lives and slowly washes us.


Christ comes into our lives and pulls us from the darkness of the world. 2nd Corinthian 5:7 says that those who are in Christ are a new creation, the old is passed away: Look see the new has come. We say these scriptures but do we really grab ahold of what God is saying to us? Through Christ God removed us from darkness and separated us from the world.

We see this with Adam and Eve how they walked with God and talked with Him. Yet they allowed sin into our world which separated us from God. That sin is the darkness of the world which we gravitate to. Even as someone who is saved I still gravitate towards sin. I allow the darkness of this world to pull me into the cave where the loudness of the devil overwhelms the calm quiet voice of God. Why? Because I have this thought stuck in my head saying that Christ only cleans what he wants to help me grow. That becoming a Christian is a slow process. Yes, Justification is by faith and sanctification is over time. But thanks be to God who gives us victory through Christ Jesus (2nd Cor. 15:57)

My bible tells me that before the beginning of time God wrote my name and placed me in His mercy. That I was separated from the darkness before I was formed in my mothers womb. My bible tells me that I have victory of sin and darkness through Christ Jesus. My bible also tells me that God Himself has given me dominion over every thing both spiritual and physical through Christ Jesus. We know the promises of God we know what he says about us.

We allow the darkness to dwell in us when God already separated us from that darkness. The problem is when will we start believing it? When will we stop fighting for victory and start fighting from Victory.

Author: Grace of the King

Recovered addict father and husband. Most say you can't recover from drugs and alcohol but you can with the blood of the Lamb.

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