Is There not a Cost?

Is there not a reason?

As my pastor was preaching on being anointed this Sunday, he said something that truly struck me. He asked Is there not a cost? Is there not a reason?

As I have been struggling as of late to even hear God in my life, I have been trying to trace back as to why? Where have I fallen of the tracks, where is the very spot that I left the will of God? So many times, I as I am sure you have, seem to have slipped away from the will and the anointing God has placed on us. It can seem so difficult, and yes, I know that God is quite in times of testing. But I am speaking deeper than a testing. I want to touch on the moment and time when we no longer can hear the voice of God. Now I am not talking about backsliding and yes there is sin but there is sin in everyone’s lives that needs to be repented of.

You could say this is the Jona moment possibly. Remember when I said could no longer hear the voice of God. I did not say he quit speaking, but we quit hearing. We pray and we read, and we go to church, but we cannot hear the very voice we are trying to hear from, and why? Why is it so hard to just hear the voice of God especially when you know you have fallen off track or slipped out of His will? How do we get back into it? How do we grab ahold of everything that we long for and crave? It is the precious Cross of Christ that we long to grab ahold of, and yet it is so hard at times. Yes, Jona was running and when we look at it, God told him to do something and then he ran. Jona still loved God, he still followed God he just was not obedient. In the end God got what he asked for, just as God always gets what he asks of us. Sometimes we must get thrown in the belly of the whale before we accept what God has asked us to do.

So, Sunday as my pastor was preaching and he stated Is there not a Cost? Is there not a Reason? Our Lord God spoke to me finally, as I have been deep within the belly of the whale. As the Lord spoke to me, I wrote it down as I would not forget, and the Holy Spirit laid this on my heart.

It will cost you, it will cause pain, but how much pain did I suffer for you? How much did I give to you? How much more do I love you then me? How much do you live for me as I lived for you? Will you die for me as I died for you?

You see we have this grandeur of an idea that we are here to spread the gospel and live a life glorifying to God. But that life should be easy and not painful or not risky. That when God lays something on our hearts and presses in it over and over again, that when we finally do it should not hurt others. That when we finally step into the will of God people should not get mad. When we say and act the way God wants us to it should be pleasant and nice. The Apostle Paul and was stoned and beaten time and time again. He was chained in prison most of his time in Rhome. What then are we doing? Are we hated or loved by the world? Is there a price on your head because you are living for God? Do the Christians around you pray for you and your endeavors? And while you are doing it, is it you’re on will or are you anointed by the Holy Spirit? When we base everything off our own skill we will fail. When we grab ahold of the anointing of God, combined with the skill He gave us whooo let the Heavens rejoice…

You see when I preach some like it, and others hate it. When I write I don’t see the difference. The cost is handled by God as the outcome belongs to God, and the obedience belongs to us. The reason should be simple. The reason is deep within our hearts. Why do we do what we do? Deep within ourselves we find that reason to either glorify ourselves or to glorify God. And that my friends is between you and God alone.

God Bless

Author: Grace of the King

Recovered addict father and husband. Most say you can't recover from drugs and alcohol but you can with the blood of the Lamb.

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