Do we need a Doctor?

Luke 5:31 and Jesus answering said to them. They that are whole need not a physician, but they that are sick.

We have such a problem when we are sick. We are the biggest babies, but yet we do whatever we can to stay away from the doctor. We could be laid up for days with a horrible migraine over and over again. Time and time again and what do we do? We take pill after pill lay isolated from our family is a dark room prisoned by the migraine. We play a sport and hurt our ankle. For weeks we will limp around on a hurt ankle crying about it. And yet what do we do? We do nothing this pain traps us from doing what we want or what we could be doing. Because we haven’t gone to the doctor in the first place we are trapped in this spot till we do. So we finally get convinced by our own pain and torture that something is really wrong and well maybe just maybe we need some help. We are so blind.

Is this not our walk with Jesus Christ the great Physician? He is the Jehova Rapha the Healer. But we are so quick to decide that we don’t need a doctor yet. Now if something bad goes wrong and I mean real bad we are quick to hit our knees. We fall off the train and relapse we hit our knees and bow to the Great Doctor to heal us once again. We cheat on our spouse, steel money from our family just to buy what we feel we need, or drop divorce papers cause we are to broken ourselves to fix it. Yes we hit out knees in repentance quick. Why because we know we are broken and need a healer.

What about that allergy problem you have? How long will fight that battle with over the counter medicine? To me that is the same as you chasing the legs of yoga pants on every women that wears them. Or the little white lies that we tell over and over. Or that story that we keep saying over and over just to one up our brothers and sisters in Christ.

We still need the healer, we still need to hit our knees. We still need the Holy Spirit to dwell within us. But if there is a constant sickness that is being buried with home remedies like pride, shame, and guilt the Holy Spirit can’t dwell there. When the Holy Spirit is sickness can’t be is the same spot for He is Holy and righteous. And we need him within us every moment of every day. And in that moment He is not that is when we need the great physician to heal us and clean us and make us whole again. You see it’s not just the big illnesses that hit us, but the everyday sweep it under the rug sin that needs to be healed as well.


Author: Grace of the King

Recovered addict father and husband. Most say you can't recover from drugs and alcohol but you can with the blood of the Lamb.

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