Love without Hypocrisy #1 Servant

For space and reading I will not type out all of the scripture from John 13:1-16. This is based on Jesus Christ our Lord washing the feet of the disciples. You see he loved them so much that he washed their feet. Now I am not by far not a foot person, actually if you want to get technical I hate feet. So if I have to show you that I love you by washing your feet, then I am in a whole lot of trouble.

Now lets thank about it 2000 years ago, and the conditions they were in at the time. You see they wore sandals only oh and they did not have any socks either. So they wore only sandals walking the dirty sandy streets of Jerusalem. Their feet were dirty and nasty and yet he stilled cleaned them. So he shows us no matter how dirty and gross our loved ones our, we are to clean them.

To me what stands our more than anything during the time that Christ washed their feet was that he knew Judas was going to turn him in. Now, Christ knowing that Judas was the one he still washed his feet with love. Do you think that Judas felt a difference in thee way Jesus washed his feet from everyone else’s? Do you think that Christ himself scrubbed harder, or maybe he didn’t clean them as well as he did Peter’s?

Also, what this shows is that God himself serves us so we should serve. No matter who you think you are. No matter how big you think you are. You are NEVER to big to serve your friends or your family. Just as Christ, God in the flesh came here to serve in love. We are to serve in love.

The problem is compared to the world because the world says we that we have to love ourselves before we do anything. The world tells us that we come first before anyone else. That our well-being and our happiness comes first, then we are able to love everyone else.  But you see this conflicts with what Christ shows us.  We our to deny ourselves and chase after Christ.  We seek first His kingdom then all the things will be given to us. We seek Christ first not ourselves.

This 14th serve the ones you love anyway you can. Why?

You see Christ showed us that he loved us by laying down his life for the ones he loves. What better way to show that love then to serve the ones that He died for?

Now so are harder that others that is why we …………

Author: Grace of the King

Recovered addict father and husband. Most say you can't recover from drugs and alcohol but you can with the blood of the Lamb.

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