One Night Stand

When my beautiful wife and I first met we both were about as far from God as most people can get. So we often joke about how what we thought would be a one night stand God turn into a pregnancy and 14 years of marriage. And over the last 14 years we have learned so much about each other and still everyday learn more and more. We know the intricate details about each other. She knows the dirty little secrets and the demons I fight daily. She knows more about me than anyone else I have ever met. And I in turn know her demons she battles, strong points and probably (hopefully) more than anyone else on this earth. We confide in each other cry to each other and even yell at each other. But we always love each other and do our best to lift each other up.

When we look at God and we take inventory of our relationship with him how is it?. Was it a drive by prayer to get out of trouble then back to the world? Are you using God as your one night stand when you can’t find a better way?

First check point is prayer life. I admitted the other night to my church that I have been struggling in my prayer life. So I am preaching to myself here. Are we praying like we should with respect and clear heart to the creator? Or are we mailing in our prayers?

James 5:16b The prayer of a righteous person is very powerful in its effect. So let’s search our hearts ask for repentance get on our knees and boldly seek Gods face.

2nd checkpoint is the sin in our lives.. we must confess and ask for repentance. Look back at the verse the prayer of a righteous person. Not a sinful person. That is righteous in the eyes of God not man. Let’s clear up all that hidden sin. Lets get it out in the open. Let’s lay it at the feet of Christ. That is why he died for you. That is why he was beaten and spit on and hung on the Cross. So that you would not perish due to the sins you committed against God.

3rd check is your heart.

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God. Matthew 5:8..

Jesus is not a genie in the bottle he is not going to give you whatever your heart desires. Unless your heart is in line with his. He does not want a drive by one night stand kind of relationship/prayer life. He wants a true deep connection with you. If he was wanting a surface level prayer life and relationship with you do you really believe that he would have gone the the punishment he did for that kind of relationship? Do you believe he suffered staked to a tree for you to have a one night stand I only need ya when I’m in trouble kind of prayer? Let’s get real here. He suffered and died a horrible extremely painful unimaginable death. Not just to rescue you from a situation but to rescue you from eternal damnation. He went through that horrible death to give you life and freedom. And we have a privilege to pray all the time to Him that died for all our sins. That is our life line to the Father and creator. The one that gives you breath. The one that made the stars and moon. The one that formed you in your mother’s womb. Let’s dig deep let’s all become bareans. We need to know Him and pray to him not just use Him for a one night stand.

Author: Grace of the King

Recovered addict father and husband. Most say you can't recover from drugs and alcohol but you can with the blood of the Lamb.

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